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About sharing media captionJapan's demographic problem is a timebomb that has already gone off Several times a night, Midori Ide wakes up to help her year-old grandmother use the toilet. To make sure she can assist immediately, Midori sleeps right next to her grandmother.

It is not a duty that many year-olds would enjoy. But she tells me she feels guilty that she can only do it once a week. Midori works the other six nights of the week at a nursing home caring for other elderly people yiunger her grandmother stays at a different facility. Midori dreams of going abroad.

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She misses spending time with her friends. I want to be with her when she achieves her dream of turning ," she says. Not many would be as content as her with their decisions.

Just last month, a year-old husband was arrested for killing his wife who had dementia. And they are the real people behind some lookinf statistics about Japan's ageing and shrinking population.

Today, more than eldedly quarter of Japan's population is aged over The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has warned that Japan will need to add one million nurses and care workers by Temporary home Encouraging immigration lookng seem like a simple solution - but it's not a popular one. Opening up Japan to large-scale immigration is a very sensitive subject.

Inthe government started allowing foreign nurses and care workers in.

- scheme for young persons in care services

But the bar is set high. Having to pass the national exam in Japanese is incredibly difficult and only foreign nurses and carers have so far managed to make Japan their temporary tv escorts london. While Ms Sono supported removing strict requirements to allow more foreign workers to enter Japan to look after the old, she said these workers should live in separate communities - prompting claims she was advocating policies similar to apartheid.

Her views are not mainstream. But the service industry, which hires foreign students as part-time employees, also received harsh feedback, especially at the beginning, from those unused to dealing with foreigners.

For example, our foreign staff found it very difficult to apologise when a customer complained about a mistake made by a colleague. But allowing a limited of foreign students to work in restaurants is a far cry from the influx needed loooking care for Japan's rising of elderly people.

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And there are no immediate solutions on the horizon. But he says Japan needs to be sure this would not harm "the homogeneous group ideology", given that "failure of multiculturalism in Europe" has, he says, led to social conflict.

Midori says she enjoys caring for her grandmother but she's likely in a minority. She also has elderly parents who will soon need to be looked after.

Elderly care - book care & support of the elderly | helping hands

For those who don't have a relative to help them, with indigenous resources overstretched, the future is a worry. Japan needs to find a solution, fast. Related Topics.