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Umhum, yep. Jordan Hartman: It Lowell A. Shroyer: I think it was just We'd start our day aboutin the morning. It was dark out. We'd get up and go run, two or three miles. And then we'd brantford sub escorts eat breakfast and then we'd come out for formation. And we had different training that we went through, whether it was on the firing range or hand to hand combat or learning a lot. They taught they taught you everything, how to shoot a riffle and how to brush your mistress mystique. But they had to do that Jordan Hartman: Yeah.

Shroyer: I guess, some people didn't know about personal hygiene, and that was a big thing in the Army.

Interview with lowell a. shroyer [undated]

Everything was kept clean, your personal space, your clothing, your barracks, the mess hall where you ate, everything was kept clean. Hygiene was very escorts in alberta. All in all boot camp was an interesting time. I didn't feel like it was too much. Jordan Hartman: Yeah. Maybe the guy who interviewed llowell decided it was a good thing.

In the middle of boot camp they asked me to go to the military academy preparatory school. Shroyer: which is the United States on the military academy. And I had a couple of days to make that decision.

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cheap escort in garland Well, I'd only been in the Army about three weeks and they asked me if I wanted to stay for about ten years, which you had a year at this military academy preparatory school and then four years Jordan Hartman: Oh my God. Shroyer: at West Point and then a five year commitment. Well, I declined. I wondered often what would have happened, but I declined.

So instead I ended up at MP school.

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And there you learned about Uniform Code of Military Justice. That's the code and laws that service men and woman are obligated to live under. You learned about some police techniques and military police techniques.

More training with fire arms, 45 pistol, M 60 machine gun It was like a little tube like affair that you pulled out when fired on, projectile rocket towards the tank. Mines, learned about setting those up. Just a lot of things. And I was there all the summer of ' And at the completion of MP training I didn't have orders on where I dartford escort ads to go so I had to stay there, help with the new MP trainees for a week or two and then, then I got my orders to go to Vietnam.

I came home for a brief leave and then went to Vietnam. Went to Vietnam via Fort Lewis, Washington, which was an amazingly beautiful place located in the state of Washington. I flew into Seattle. Spent a few days there at, at Fort Lewis I don't know, four or five days and some more of the same things. A lot of it was like boot camp. Funny thing, they told us to bring all of our uniforms with us. So you brought everything, then you turned around and shipped most of it back home because you wouldn't need it in Vietnam.

They issued you new jungle fatigues and jungle boots and all that and packed everything up and took us to an airport, put vistnamese on basically a commercial air liner. Now, early on in Vietnam a lot of folks went over on ships.

The Navy would take them, but we flew over on jet airplanes. It was a long flight. Jordan Hartman: I'd say so.

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Arrived at a place in Vietnam called Camron Bay. Camron Bay was a natural port, very deep harbor there, and the United States had built quite a military complex there. It was a huge area. Pretty safe, and And I spent about, I don't know, a week there I, I guess, before they shipped me to the unit south croydon bisexual escort I was going to be a member of; which, at that point, was the th MP Company which was in Qui Nhon.

Some of the bigger cities, Qui Nhon on the coast, once again a natural harbor and inland bigger city known as Pleiku. Pleiku was a very large city in Vietnam. There were a lot llwell villages in between. And we had different duties. Some of our duties had to do with perimeter security and a lot of pretty strenuous stuff.

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Escorgs built bunkers and filled sandbags, did guard duty. Pretty, pretty strenuous at times. The guard duty was rough because you'd do it for four hours and then you were off for four hours, then on for four hours, then off for four hours. And you did that around the clock, for weeks, it seemed like.

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And you never got a really full night sleep. Jordan Hartman: Yeah, it'd be kind of Shroyer: You could And of course you're on guard duty, and so sometimes it was during the day and sometimes it was at night. You're trying to be vigilant, see everything and do your job and try to keep yourself alert. And you're just sitting there, sometimes you'd stand, walk around your post. Sometimes you have a walking post, you'd walk a perimeter.

Of course, you didn't know who was out there, what they had planned for you. So you had to sort of keep in mind that, you know, that was your job, was to not get hurt.

And then the after a few weeks of guard duty, I got ased to escorts hendersonville police patrol work. Well, the th Company did a lot of different things. We had to patrol around the city and the villages to make sure that the ro were clear.

Interview transcript: lowell a. shroyer: veterans history project (library of congress

The Viet Cong would go out at night and they would put up mines in the streets, the ro, the highways, to impede The Navy would come in, they would load stuff on the semi trucks, and then we would escort them on these convoys. Well, the first thing we'd do everyday was to go out and make sure the ro were clear. And then you had to sort of look for, you know, if they set up ambushes or stuff.

Sometimes there'd be sort of a precursor that you sensed, you know, something was going on in these areas. You'd try to make sure the ro were clear, at least, close to where your unit was at and close to the cities.

And then you'd escort the convoys and you'd viegnamese inland. You might go to a fire base. A fire base is a place where an artillery unit was set up to fire artillery in support of the infantry units.

Or you'd go to another village or another city or something where there were Army units, Navy units, Marine units, who needed your the supplies that you were escorting. We also did icelandic prostitutes of perimeter security stuff around a lot of the, the compounds and the bases.

Some of them included some, like, looking for a virtual sub <3 bases So there were infantry units that helped with security and perimeter security, but you had to, sort of, along outside of that a lot of that we did especially in the villages and the cities more than the infantry, at that time. And then you had to do police work, too, because unfortunately soldiers were committing crimes and were the victims of crimes.

So we investigated crimes. Everything from murder to theft. And eventually I was ased to a new unit, a th MP detachment post So in addition to all these other things I was involved in, suddenly I'm investigating crimes. You know, helping in a criminal investigation, Division CID, they called it. And then, as time went on, the infantry units began standing down. We originally had the rd Airborne Division. I saw a st stand down. They vietnamdse started closing these units down and sending them home.

So a lot of our security stuff, keeping the area and the base loweol, became more and more our job