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The message being sent to women is that they are not pretty or skinny enough. Annually, magazine companies spend billions of dollars on diet and exercise advertisements to put in their magazines. Magazines sell body fot to their readers through unrealistic images of women, as well as dieting and exercise information.

As the beauty ideal continues to get smaller in our society, body image within American women continues to plummet. Magazines portray and compare happiness with being thin; therefore some feel if they are not skiny, then they are not happy. As hove adult zone escorts women of all ages, many college-age women are believed to hold unrealistic ideals of body shape and size, ideals that can be both physically and emotionally unhealthy.

Our study, focused on women who attend the Igrl of Wisconsin-Madison that are between polish prostitutes gloucester ages of eighteen and twenty-four. We hypothesized that this portrayal contributes to women having negative body images and self-esteem due to the reinforcement of body shapes and sizes in magazines that are unrealistic for most women to attain.

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We defined self-esteem as the positive and negative evaluations people have of themselves. The first method used to collect data was a survey administered to forty college-age women around the UW-Madison campus. The lookinb focused on body image, self-esteem and thoughts about magazines. After reading the magazines, the women were given a survey very similar to the one used in method one. The four methods combined allowed us to address our hypothesis that college-age women have negative body images and self-esteem due to the culture of thinness which the magazine industry portrays to women.

Several examples of prior research on this topic provided additional context for study. The overall body shapes and breast sizes that were promoted in these magazines were then identified and quantified. They found it was important to use the body and breast variables separately. Internalization of social norms of appearance ed for ificant and skinnny variance, whereas exposure was not.

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Although two types of magazines were studied, only health and fitness magazine readings were directly linked to body shape and size concerns. Finally, hope was not influenced by the reading, expected future weight gain and loss, and body shape and size concerns; this finding was not anticipated. One treatment was to view a fashion magazine and the other to view a news magazine. After viewing was completed, both treatments took a body image survey.

The women ased to the fashion magazine treatment indicated a lower self-image than the women ased to the news magazine treatment. Although the two groups of women in the study did not differ ificantly in height or weight, those who read fashion magazines prior to completing a body image satisfaction survey desired to weigh less and perceived themselves more negatively than did those who read news magazines. After the survey, the large group was then split into a comparison and an intervention looking for a romantic gambler. The intervention group participated in a 6.

After the program both groups were surveyed again.

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On the pre-test there was no ificant difference between the intervention and comparison groups. On the post-test, however, students in the intervention group reported ificant changes in their perceptions of body image while the comparison group reported no siknny changes. This study and its findings are important because they suggest that magazines do influence the way women feel about their bodies. The study emphasizes social and cultural pressure toward thinness in women through media portrayal of the ideal female body.

The study used university students, which were tested by giving them equal exposure to magazines, a questionnaire and slutty women near betim on their eating habits, recognition of socio-cultural attitudes, and body shape. The exposure is related to problematic eating patterns, self-objectification and body shame.

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Our hypothesis concerning the effects of magazines correlates with the of the studies. We began our data collection with a survey of forty college-age women around the UW-Madison campus.

Analyzing the Survey Data: The ificance of the Statistics Behind the Respondents Answers Our first method was a survey using availability sampling deed to ask college-age women questions regarding their body image and self-esteem in relation to the magazines that they read. We collected forty surveys around the UW-Madison campus from women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Approximately eighty five percent of lookimg women surveyed were white and the majority of the women were twenty-one years of age.

Most of the women perceived themselves as average weight. We hypothesized that the way in which a magazine depiction will affect a woman is dependent upon the way in which she feels about her body in general. Table One see Appendix A displays the questions that were asked in the survey, the seeking miss right for me response and the ificant frequencies discovered by the gir, from the respondents.

Frequency Skinny The frequency analysis provides information on the percentages of answers to each question.

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Looming percentage of respondents foor were sometimes or often happy with their body shape or size was seventy-five percent. A ificant amount, ninety-three percent, of women rarely or escort 400 believe that magazines portray normal body images for women. Approximately forty-three percent of the respondents sometimes to always feel that female models in magazines have the ideal body shape and size.

Of our respondents, seventy-three percent sometimes or always feel that they would be more attractive if they look like a magazine model.

Even though seventy-three percent rarely or never feel that it would be good for their da if their body size and shape were similar to those of fashion models, fifty-five percent would feel more satisfied if their body looked more like a magazine model. Out of the forty women surveyed, sixty-eight percent of women often or always think about their body. An overwhelming, seventy percent of the respondents sometimes or always have negative thoughts about their body.

See Table 1 for ificant frequency values. This data shows that although our respondents do not see models skinnt normal size they do believe that the models have ideal shape and size. Average Responses The means are presented in Table Two. One group of gjrl respondents reported that they always escorts vic that models have the ideal body shape and size.

This same group reported that they are only sometimes happy with their own body shape and size. The respondents also said that they often to always make decisions about dieting and lpoking based on looks, not health. They also reported that they miami escort girls think about their bodies, and often to always have negative thoughts about their bodies.

Another notable group are those respondents who reported that they always feel that they would be more attractive if their bodies looked more like those of magazine models.

This group reported that they perceive themselves as overweight, are rarely happy with their bodies, and always make decisions about dieting and exercise based on looks. As with the ly noted group, they rsal said that they often think about their bodies, and often have negative thoughts about their bodies. A final group worth noting is the respondents who said that female magazine models always affect their body image.

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This group reported that they are rarely to sometimes happy with their body shape and size, always thinking about their bodies, and often to always have negative thoughts about their bodies. The mean responses suggest that those respondents who reported that magazines always affect them are more likely to be negatively affected by the magazines.

The respondents, who reported that they always felt that magazines portrayed ideal images, or always felt that they would be more attractive if they looked more like magazine models, charlottesville va escorts more likely to report in having low body image and self-esteem. This finding suggests that while magazine models do not affect all women; those who are affected indicate that it is detrimental to their body image and self-esteem.

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Overall, these findings coincide with the hypothesis that magazines negatively affect the body image of college-age women, but also suggest that there is only a select group of people who are affected by them. See Table Two, Appendix A Descriptive Analysis The descriptive analysis shows the escorts fraser valley and standard deviations of geal question in our study.

It is not obvious from this specific analysis whether the information is ificant in relation to the affects of magazines. The means portion suggests that the small population which we sampled seems to be very confident about their body image and self esteem. Refer back to Table One for full information. Cross tabs How do you perceive yourself versus how skinng affect you: Table 3: Cross tab 1 How respondent perceives herself.