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Paper or magnetic media are both welcome. State all particulars for posting - Title, Price, Ordering Instructions, etc. I will do my best to include ALL submissions but suitability for inclusion will still be my call.

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Voices Under Berlin - T. It is the story of the ASA-ers who worked the tunnel, and glamour models london they fought for a sense of purpose against boredom and the enemy both within and without. About the Author - T. Hill served at Field Station Berlin in the mids, following a tour at Herzo Base in the early s. A collection of his short stories received an award at the Hollywood Book Festival.

He is a member of the Aarizona Writers Society of America. From Mewdview.

Hill— the award-winning author of Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary—on the jeadview anniversary of the first permanent buildings on Teufelsberg, the operational home of Field Station Berlin. Follow along with Mike as he tries to identify the Stasi source covernamed Musik from the reconstructs of the shredded files.

His peaceful retirement from the CIA is derailed when he returns to post-Wall, reunified Berlin to write a book adult personals rudyard michigan the Stasi, and one of the ghosts of his Berlin past sends him to the ER to be stitched together on the evening of his first day back. This does not bode well for his project, because this ghost is Ilse, the mother of the Director of the Stasi Archive where Mike will be working.

She is clearly not happy to see him. The plot thickens when Mike re his own Stasi file, and discovers that someone was reporting on him to the Stasi while he was at the Field Station.

Standard counter-intelligence logic suggests that the Stasi source was Ilse, but Mike does not want that to be the case, because it would mean that he was wrong, and Security was right. He scours the darkened recesses of his memory in search of other suspects for the title of Musik, the covername for the Stasi aeizona reporting on him.

Then add an IRA informant in witness protection who thinks that Mike is a hit man sent to settle an old score. Serve stirred, not shaken in the form of a classic espionage whodunit, garnished with a dash of moral ambiguity provided by the people that Mike meets in his travels around Berlin who force him to compare the Old Berlin to the New, and the CIA to the Webbville ky housewives personals. All T. Relive your own experiences and get involved as Greg Barnes falls in love and has adventures that other men envy or shun.

But there are more than a dozen men at the station and all contribute both madcap and occasionally tragic sides to this entertaining novel. Army and their amazing achievements in the Korean War.

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I also really admire your perseverance in getting it published. For those who served in the ASA it gives a good history of what it was like back then. Some of the "s" and deciphering went over my head, but am sure those who understand will tranny escorts in new chester chuckle with a smile.

With so much concern of security and "need to know" I am surprised that this even got published as by the author's own admission, it was an uphill battle. As an old printer from hotmetal Linotype days This is one person's fascinating story of life that most of us can never imagine.

Over photographs, most from that era, add to the authenticity. All I know for sure is what happened to me. Well, at least reasonably sure.

I vividly recall that the nasty edginess of the Cold War was still in full bloom, and so were a multitude of eager young frauleinin seeking to earn their way to the promised land - the United States. It all makes for a good read - and a little history lesson as an added bonus. It is approximately 6 hours long. The other half is on Vietnam 'lifestyle' and historical background.

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New Price! Payment after delivery. Contact Frank Ford at: fford loxinfo. More details to follow on this offering. Most of the characters are based on real people and many of privatedelights escorts actions happened exactly as described. The book has been as high as 11 on the best-selling list at amazon.

Army security agency veterans book club

ed arizkna are available from me with my author discount. Contact me at jcharlescheek juno. Payment by personal check, money order or through Pay Pal. Book also available at www. Soldier Boy : At Play in the ASA - Tim Bazzett In when Tim Bazzett graduated from high school he'd had enough of academia and classroom drudgery, so he ed the eeeking and received an education he'd never imagined.

Perhaps one of the most unlikely and inept citizen-soldiers since Gomer Pyle, Tim somehow survives the indian escorts ontario and tribulations of basic training at "Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery," and after further training in the mysteries of Morse code in Massachusetts and Maryland, the small-town innocent is launched overseas and into the larger world.

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In Turkey he finds himself a link in the outermost defenses of America during a Cold War he only imperfectly understands. There he sees poverty and hatred in the faces of children and is forced to confront his own faults and inner demons. In Germany, no longer quite so innocent, arizons chases girls and dreams of being a rock star. At the heart are the characters, friends he makes along the way.

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For this is ultimately a book about friendship and about growing up. Available later this month Aug. Contact Tim directly for sale info.