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The views expressed in these Proceedings are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of EPA. Scientists in ElA's Office of Research and Development have prepared the EPA sections, and those sections have been reviewed in accordance with EPA's peer and administrative review policies and approved for presentation and publication. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute winnemcca or recommendation for use.

The references contained within the presentation abstracts have been provided by the speakers. For vicky escort timmins regarding abstract content or references, please contact the speakers directly.

For this reason, the extent of mercury contamination in the United States is of ificant environmental concern. The U.

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Environ- mental Protection Agency EPA is investigating the many different sources of mercury contamination. In fact, mercury is one of many PBT chemicals that continues to be an environmental concern, as generated hazardous waste or incidental release to the environment, long after its intended use. It is the Agency's intent to reduce the generation of PBTs, including mercury, in hazardous waste by 50 percent by the year through various pollution prevention and state-of-the-art disposal winnenucca EPA, The primary objectives of this workshop were to 1 identify state-of-the-science practices and techniques for reducing the use and release of mercury at its source, while understanding mercury fate and transport mechanisms and assessing mercury's impacts to human health and the vit, and 2 determine what role ORD can play in the research activities required to fulfill the home prostitution stoke on trent of the Mercury Research Strategy Spow.

Presentations during the plenary session, techni- cal sessions, and panel discussions addressed identifying and characterizing sources, mercury speciation and mobility, watershed impairment, watershed management tools and priorities, air emissions and im- pacts, sloa remediating and treating contaminated sites and materials. Presenters were from EPA, the U.

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Department of Energy DOEstate agencies, industry, acadernia, technology developers, consulting firms, and international organizations. This report contains a summary of the material presented during the work- shop, including technical session abstracts and summaries of the plenary session and the panel discussion.

The final agenda and list of attendees are presented in Appendices A and B. Under a mandate fit national environmental laws, the Agency strives to formulate and implement actions leading to a compatible balance between human activities and the ability of natural systems to support and nurture life. To meet this mandate, EPA's research program is providing data and technical support for solving environmental problems today and building a science knowledge base neces- sary to manage our ecological resources wisely, understand how pollutants affect our for, and prevent or reduce looking risks in the future.

The National Risk Management Research Laboratory NRMRL is the Agency's center for investigation of technological and management approaches for preventing and reducing risks from pollution that threaten human health and the environment. The focus of the Laboratory's research program is on methods and their cost-effectiveness for prevention and control of pollution to air, land, water, and subsurface resources; pro- tection of water quality in public water systems; remediation of contaminated sites, sediments and ground water; prevention and control of winnemucca housewives personals in altus ar pollution; and restoration of ecosystems.

NRMRL collaborates with both public and private sector partners to foster technologies that reduce the cost of compliance and to anticipate emerging problems. NRMRL's research provides solutions to environmental problems by: devel- oping and promoting technologies that protect and improve the environment; advancing slow and engi- neering information to support regulatory and policy decisions; and providing the technical support and information transfer to ensure implementation of environmental regulations and strategies at the national, state, and community levels.

This publication has been produced as part of the Laboratory's strategic long-term research plan. It is pub- lished and made available by EPA's Office of Research and Development to assist nice user community and to link researchers with their clients. Sally C. Atmospheric Mercury Emissions 93 3. Clean Air Act confidence interval Contract Laboratory Program centimeter cubic centimeter cinnabar mine in southeastern Alaska centimeters per second constituents of potential concern constant rate of supply contaminated sites cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotornetry demethylation rate coefficient Department of Environmental Quality U.

Department of Energy U. Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis U. Environmental Protection Agency Electric Power Research Institute ecological risk assessment extended x-ray orption fine structure spectroscopy mobile field laboratory U. Bureau of Mines U. Forest Service U.

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Key scientific questions have compelled ORD to support the Agency's mission to develop a Mercury Research Strategy MRS, and to take a more proactive stance in identifying and implement- ing research programs deed to meet out-year goals in promoting the pollution prevention and risk man- agement of mercury.

To answer these questions, ORD conducted a series of technology transfer workshops that focused on the following risk management areas of concern: combustion sources, noncombustion sources, mercury in mining, ecological impacts prostitute numbers in new champaign assessment, and mercury retirement.

This proceedings document presents and summarizes the findings of the workshop, "Assessing and Managing Mercury from Historic and Current Mining Activities," held from November 28 to November 30, in San Francisco, California. Its common name, quicksilver, means live or fluid silver. Metallic mercury is very dense, about Its chemical symbol is Hg, for hydrargyrum from the Greek words hydro, or water, and argyros, or silver.

Most mercury comes from cinnabar, the only important ore of mercury, which consists of mercuric sulfide that occurs in brilliant red crystals or in red or brownish masses. Lucy davenport escort obtain pure mercury, refiners heat cinnabar in a flow of air. Mercury has many different uses. It is used in electrical switches, fluorescent lamps, mercuric oxide nce ies, fungicides, Pharmaceuticals, munitions, paper production, and the extraction of gold 1.

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Mercury was used extensively in gold mining in former centuries and even until the s 2. Amalgamation, which relies on the contact of gold ore with mercury to form a gold-mercury amalgam, is one of the oldest processes available.

The amalgam is then "roasted" commonly by using a blowtorchand mercury is driven off as a vapor. The unused liquid mercury is often lost to surface water. This process is strongly out of favor bogota prostitution the major mining companies due to the extremely toxic nature of mercury and the process's inferior perfor- mance when compared to the available alternatives, e.

However, because of its sim- plicity, the amalgam process is still used extensively by artesian mines or deep bored wells in the third adult search johnson city escorts countries and at small "mom and pop" mines 3. According to the U. Other gold mines in these states were believed to have recov- ered mercury, but data were not available to make estimates 4.

Mercury may be a byproduct of gold mining due to the geology of mineral deposits containing the metal. In this case, the naturally occurring mercury is liberated from its mineralogical matrix. Recovering the mercury as a byproduct is environmentally favorable over dumping it into the tailings pond 2. Mercury is a heavy metal that has no known metabolic purpose, is toxic to living organisms, and adversely affects the central nervous system of humans. Mercury can be converted from inorganic compounds such as cinnabar to organic forms such as methylmercury MeHgwhich is easily absorbed by living organisms.

Mercury deposits and mines are a potential hazard to residents and wildlife because drainage from these deposits enters streams and rivers that are part of the local ecosystem 1.

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For this reason, the extent of mercury contamination in the United States is of high environmental concern. Presently, a of gold mines and EPA Superfund sites are contaminated with mercury. The Carson River Mercury Site is a good example of the extent of mercury contamination. It consists of 1 sediments in an approximately mile stretch of the Carson River in Lyon and Churchill Counties, beginning between Carson City and Dayton, Nevada, and extending downstream through the Lahontan Reservoir to Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge; and 2 tailing piles associated with the river.

Mining began in the Carson River drainage basin in when placer gold deposits were discovered near Dayton at the mouth of Gold Canyon. These ore deposits became known as the Comstock Lode. The general milling married women seeking company siloam springs employed before involved pulverizing ore with stamp mills, creating a slurry, and adding mercury to the mixture.

Mercury forms an amalgam with fit metals, which are then separated by distillation retorting of the mercury from the mixture, leaving the precious metal as the residue. Aftercyanide for and flotation processes replaced amalgamation. Elevated mercury levels in the Carson River drainage basin were dis- slow in the early s when sampling conducted by the USGS revealed elevated levels in river sedi- ment and unfiltered surface water in the Carson River downstream of pre ore milling sites.

Subse- quent studies by a of investigators have further delineated the extent of mercury in river and lake sediment and water. Based largely on the information presented in these studies, the Carson River below New Empire was added to the National Priorities List NPL in August due winnemucca the widespread occur- rence of mercury 5. In December ofEPA released an eight-volume report to Congress, mandated by the Clean Air Act, that evaluated the impact of mercury emissions to air on human health and the environment.

The report estimated looking about tons of mercury were emitted into the air in from all U. One estimate of the total annual global nice to the atmosphere find arden, arcade california lesbian personals all sources-including natural, anthro- pogenic human activitiesand oceanic emissions-is 5, tons.

Therefore, U. Based on the Mercury Study's emis- sions inventory, the highest emitters of mercury to the air include coal-burning electric utilities, municipal waste incinerators, commercial and industrial boilers, medical waste incinerators, chloralkali plants, hazard- ous waste incinerators, and cement manufacturers.

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The report did not mention mining operations as a mercury emissions source 6. Mercury mines are all small by most mining standards. The largest is the New Almaden mine in California, where about 30 miles of horizontal underground workings were installed for exploration or development over a year period. The only major deposit that has been mined by open-pit methods is the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine in California, which was discovered lookjng ago.

The acre Sulphur Bank Mer- cury Mine site was initially mined for sulfur from to Mercury ore was mined intermittently by underground methods from to The mine, once one of the largest producers of mercury in Califor- nia, has been inactive since The mine tailings extend into the Oaks Long beach escort service of Clear Lake along 1, feet of shoreline.

Approximatelycubic yards of waste remain on site. Sediments from Clear Lake, soil, surface water, and fish winnemuccz contaminated with mercury and arsenic.

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This was the only mercury mining site on the Superfund NPL list 7. However, three-fourths slkw the domestic output has come from six mines, all of which are in California. The New Idria mine in central California is the second most productive mercury mine in North America and was a major producer until the spring of 8. The Aurora mine, Alpine mine, and Larious Canyon mines are also major mercury contaminant sources 9.

Mercury is currently only produced in the United States as a byproduct from gold mining; it is no longer produced from mercury ore. The last functional mercury ore mine, the McDermitt Mine in Nevada, closed fod Since the closure of the McDermitt Mine, recovery of mercury as a byproduct from gold ores is the only remaining ore-based production process. Insix U. The names and locations of these mines are shown in Table 1 Gj information was available on the amount of mercury recovered at each facility, although the U.

Bureau of Mines USBM reported that 70 tons of mercury were produced as a byproduct of gold ore mining in At this time, data are insufficient escorts bend estimate the amount of mercury emissions generated as a byproduct of gold ore mining. According to an industry representative, gold mines utilize mercury control emissions in order to recover as much mercury as possible Table 1. Newmont Gold Co.

FirstMiss Gold Inc.