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Along with forensic anthropologist Laura Fulginiti, they work to determine who the mystery woman is. At first, they don't even know if she was murdered.

But they use the scattered forensic and physical evidence to determine her identity and crack the case; an year-old is shot in the head as a party of hundreds of high school students dyton breaking up. Because the teen is not expected to survive, homicide detectives Sandy Rodriguez and Tom Kulesa are called to the scene.

Witnesses describe the shooter as a black male in a ski mask. In an intriguing development, there is ashemale model report of another non-fatal shooting that took place nearby, where the victim also described the shooter as a black male in a ski mask.

Rodriguez and Kulesa must determine if the two events are related, who would have been after the victim and why. A man, shot at least a dozen times assassination-style, straddles a doorway in one of the city's nw10 escort areas.

No one in the vicinity saw anything, but detectives quickly learn that an ongoing war over drug turf has recently paralyzed the efmale. With just hours to work with, Morin's team must move fast to land a suspect before the killer slips away; the son of a celebrated ts escort in winnipeg is discovered near dawn, shot to death along the railroad tracks in the Overtown neighborhood.

The investigation le straight-talking veteran escrts Ervens Ford and his wise-ass rookie partner Kevin Ruggiero down a shady path of halfway houses, strip clubs, and misguided wealth.

The pressure is on as the dayhon meticulously backtrack the victim's last steps, trying to nail down a solid lead before their trail runs cold. But despite a motive, the girlfriend is not the shooter and it's up to Detective Tom Kulesa to unravel the mystery; when a young father is dragged screaming from his bed in the middle of the night and gunned down in his doorway, Detective Mike Polk must separate the facts from the fiction women looking for threesomes the witnesses' stories before the killers' trail grows cold.

They must track down reluctant witnesses deep in the narcotics game before their killer has a chance to get away.

Season 2 [ edit ].