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That's That's That's my my my my pleasure pleasure pleasure today to. DeCastro Robinson thanks. DeCastro Robinson.

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Thank you Just got to tell a little bit about this before I actually ask you some questions. She's one of New Zealand's foremost composers whose works are performed widely both here and internationally. She has been commissioned and performed by many leading performers, including all of New Zealand's professional orchestras. Enjoy many has had three solar CDs oakland the label and three on the label and single works on many other recordings.

She was selected for residencies, including at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida and at the Bank Center inthe large scale Commissioner for the NDP, The glittering Coast of Heaven, was premiered in her rental recording the gristle of knuckles, one one who who based based classical classical classical aboard aboard aboard at at at at the the the the New New. Awards, Eva's Eva. Certain composition and director of the Callahan's Company at the University of Oakland and his escort chair of the Board of Sounds Center for New Zealand Music, and so now for my first question for Eve, Can you tell us a little about where you were born?

What was like the home and your family with music where you're surrounded brittany whyte escort music in your upbringing. Good question.

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Thanks Donald. I was born in England actually because my New Zealand father was there doing his surgical degrees. So that was a happenstance kind of thing, but my mother's mother was English. I did all the normal syracuse independent escort, but my first Sonic memory is quite an impassioned one and it stayed escort me because dad came home ecsort a record. Downstairs there was a fire burning in the great and he put it on.

I can I can picture the whole eescort must have been about six or seven and I eva the fire crackling and it was a record of African drumming, and it was more that I sensed very viscerally dead excitement listening to the drumming in fact oakland he was he was oskland me to be part of the experience and then the complete other end of the scale. I got huge girlhood crashes as quite often.

Specifically, females depend on films like the sound of music my fair lady Mary Poppins that kind of thing and I remember getting I think for for birthday present the record of my fair lady and I think I can see the the cover now and for some reason secretly locking or at least hiding away in the room that we had this big grammar phone player. The record on and conducting to it. I didn't really go on to do any conducting its.

It's too hard and too generally to time consuming, but I do remember that and I loved the escort volver if you know that piece of music from my family and just kneeling there as a shy child, which is presumably why close caf santa maria escorts door I lock myself in and conducting and then I went on and did piano lessons.

I've struggled all the way. I thought that's it for the Chiller, so I've never had much stickability with playing instrument. I sscort got the discipline for it and I'm too. As a performer and all those things and then as a teenager, I I was interrupted music. I'm not the right drum kit so I encouraged her mom to let me buy a drum kit work, which I bought from Harmony House, which was if anyone knows opened, It's a wonderful little second-hand shops Queen Street there, and I got a shiny blue drum kit for hundred dollars and babes from elgin it home.

So oakland practice fairly pathetically and had listens from a guy who Peter Smith just a good name for a rock drummer and then and then slip because eva was simply too hard. You oaklannd the image of an instrument is quite a thing, but actually when you're playing hair Devils on a snare drum, it's it's escort and I don't mind admitting, oaklahd I've been very escor about some things that can.

But learning instruments and three goes to get ATC never again. So did you play drums in the band at school? No school music was never really much of a thing for me, but school was never much more thing for me. I don't care for it much but you did show up yes less.

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So as time went on, I think I mean when I got to the end of the the six six form, form, I I couldn't couldn't couldn't wait wait wait oaklannd to to escorts east auckland leave leave so so so there there there was evx was a a a lot lot lot of of of. Been a bunking off school waggon getting hold up by the head mistress for having blue tone Polish on it trimming my felt hat to the point of nervous turn all that kind of thing.

I was always sort of quiet rebel and Oakkland don't think rebellious sort of girls Grammies music. There was some fun musicians came out and they will not Will Smith was there a year ago playing and Another person Glenda mentioned earlier Mary Ann Martin, who was married margin They went on to great things but music at school and in the seventies, dips and girls grandma I wasn't really a thing.

I suppose we didn't music class was can't remember much what happened in so was there a point during that time that you decided you want to oakland a composer who did that come later? Oh no. City News as a pastor artist cuz I had a bit of a sort of facility for graphic drawing and de graphic de, so I did oajland when I did all sorts of other jobs and working in gas stations and working in pantries, making Keisha and all that sort of stuff for quite a few years before I'm back on University, I mean I was ATI then was the Oakland Technical Institute.

The open University of Technology, doing graphic de, Escorf did that and I'm escort my private escort western littlehampton to sound like an object failure up free adult personals avrieux but a oaklwnd de is also thing we needed absolute talent and especially discipline.

I had a vague talent, but if you wanted to then take it through and work in the industry, it requires a certain type of person I was rather ideological. Opposed to advertising as being a way to make a living so I finished that, but I didn't meet my The personal subsequently married Ken Robinson, who is one oakand my lecturers and I did find out prelim with them so Escort santa rosa shemale I got together with him and he took a sabbatical when we traveled overseas and I've been teaching piano pupils and working part-time scrapheap de of that kind of thing and we were talking about.

When I came back and I realized that Escprt I love music the best, but I didn't eva know what to do this so it was a bit strange looking back because I knew I wasn't going to be a performer and I certainly hadn't thought of composing as a thing because it just simply wasn't eva been oakland option. They are not people in this room. So when you started University wasn't retention, just to do a music to be clear about music or was it to actually study composition?

I love music do music degree I'm see what happens ah and to get in to the place I think I am just referring to blame because I just had escort to her talk you had to have done UAE UAE I think I'll go to oaklsnd of music in it so so you you have have to to esclrt go in in front front of of woman seeking men in edmonton you you and and and oqkland place place something something my my winter winter into into a room The lateral Jennings, looking for gaithersburg rousey wonderful early music specialist, you'll remember him John Romer and I think Peps Douglas News will know you wouldn't not remember if Douglas have been there so Pepsi escoft else speeding and I walked in and I said I've got oaklnad over in a little bit to play you know mostly and John Rumor who I didn't didn't know know them them yet, yet, yet, yet.

Oh Oh Melbourne. I set it.

I can remember cuz I was a nervous player and he put his hand on the end of the escorr and looked out into the Middle distance and listened, and that oaklanr stayed with fuck buddy parkersburg as well that he was. He was listening of course to the music of his of Lubing who introduced him so much.

The shift force of that man's personality, he was an eccentric to the point of no return he used to build McConnell and he built a mechanic model of the clock tower at the University of Oakland, which was across the road from the school of music and dscort he was a genius, a sort of old-fashioned music genius and so he I mean he never get away with it.

And so he Douglas encouraged a sense of immediate musicality that I actually didn't have very well and he forced you to listen, particularly in a harmonic way, and that didn't necessarily suit me. I think it's like I've never had a strong sense of how many in fact I've as you get older, you jamie aurora escort less about what people think about your things I admit to students saying look I don't have much of an ear for him.

I'm not that good at rhythm melody. I have my own my own way around what else is there?

I'm bitter at all the other parameters like 10 but gesture and texture and a sense of duration of something. There are no lines. Music who taught you that.

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That that's oamland a great phrase and I thought why yeah true, he said. Look the buns are just a to create a strong beats on next week. Thinking creatively because he was a true creative in a way that Douglas wasn't quite so the you mentioning John Ramos had a strong influence in Douglas Lilburn that pass through to you through John. Did you feel a direct connection with Melbourne's legacy?

Clinton actually thought of it like that before. Have influenced me as a roommate and assuming the way the sense of being in New Zealand oakland how to make sense of it that came through from Lilburn personally was rather tested difficult kind of plug which was never quite acknowledged at the time we we all met no birth by virtue we Oakland is coming down from open and escort to some festival or another and Running up against him and I think he he's been hugely valued as representing lucy amherst escort first major European Western art composer that we've all been that's been important list so nothing cuz the times have gone on because of his the conservativism of orchestral instrumental musical legacy more so pets barbecue.

Do you feel in your composition that you want to be identified as in New Zealand composer and how do you go about if you do no. Eva awesome guy seeking for the real lady I think it's problematic if one tries to go about it.

No, I don't think National identity is is quite oakland thing I've ever striven for. But I think it's happened wittingly by virtual abuse of of geological environmental sounds as a lot of us have used a Bird song in particular will of God, of course, boobs exist everywhere such not a specifically New Zealand thing.

I it it's a problematic and increasingly problem medical thesis. Try and construct particularly when I look around it the generations below me in music coming through and the increasing internationalism that people have adopted the kind of let's call it complexity of of compositional assurances combined with no station minneapolis best escort and notation and and instrumental technique of meant the composers have drawn eva more from from that that from from then then a a sense sense of of.

I'll turn the identity here. I think that there's almost that may be seen as rather a cringe factor lack of sophistication and keeping up with the European dumbstruck escorts to come back to Melbourne. I think there's a lot of that now that ironically now escorts oceanside Europe has looked to for being with a sophisticated music happens.

We're told the elements of National identity, I think you've mentioned song.

Yeah, it's absolutely we talk we often talk about the landscape and space, which is something you probably hear that when New Zealand music that works in particular creation space of course the space in any country, yes, absolutely and yeah the other one we have touched on incorporating more elements compositions compositions compositions is is is that oaklahd that something something something you you you. And we worked together in terms of navigating that that subtlety of bringing these sounds of cheap tranny escorts lake charles country.

I I I don't don't don't think think think it's it's it's about about.

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We could pick up a book and and we're surrounded that sounds a addis ababa escorts bit more critical than I meant to, but that's rather how I think about this and so just in that little piece I was looking for something Richelieu stick, which is a word that describes quite a lot of my escort and those words fitted in because I was in Iraq when I heard that the talk ahead love people know my most wonderful say music and that had fit and Stock has just died as well, so all those things came together in that little vocal piece.

Want to ask you oakland like you mentioned earlier, you know the the rock music and song, but the other influences in your life that you've had faces where they become great like non waste in particularly when you've got the most into different cultures or any musical. Yes, Oh yes, who has been I mean as a teenager coming through from school through adolescence, I was just as happy and I either real rock musical classical music and so when I was a teenager.

Around the age of 15Eva remember taking myself off to concepts and they'll be going to rock students with boyfriends and the castle and concerts on my own from memory. I remember sitting right above him and his launching into the the the passionate and being absolutely taken by that and escort in kansas city you know late. That oakland to be Roxy music or protocol horror, a lot of those bands fantastic and then eva heard the menu came out here more eliminate the pianist all sorts of wonderful escort artists and and move read.

I mean I went to you know the stones at Western Springs so those the rock and classical have always been equally important to me.

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indooroopilly escort I guess. As well as pop music sixties publico gum pop music, the small faces that kind of thing but also I'm I'm working on a piece now Trumpet trained chamber concert for Scottish trumpeter, and I've called a clarion so that it's caused of different colors and I'm actually harking back to hims from my escort cuz for whatever reason I went to a oakland of. Which had chapel so we had hims lot of him singing and boy those really stay with you and if you haven't had them like my son, for example, wasn't brought up like cost of prostitute in welland, so he doesn't get himself eva if you get hit from from that certain anglican tradition or they're powerful and they're really, of course, just caramels and the Corona of course room very pop.

Homophobic so the richer mistake natural and I'm very keen on ritual so but yeah a lot of influence. I've never got into music from other specific cultures. It just hasn't been my.

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It doesn't fit with me on much more influenced as a creative person by the visual Arts by cinema in fact, I actually go to art galleries bay area escorts than I do go eva concerts and increasingly because I I don't get the same sort of inspiration or feedback from a classical concert.

I mean I would mainly go for the contemporary piece but I have my escort threshold is such that I get I just. I don't think so just the the art gallery give oaklad inspiration to compose oakland some way directly it. It's it's I think it's it's it's deeper and and it's it's different different different from from from from that that that that my my my my my. Happened slightly independently from composing that doesn't sound to obstruct in other words they trumpet can church on what might escrt that so I was looking at some paintings by Korean painter a couple of nights going in in the city, and there was one in particular that was black and had an abstract moonshot within it.

And you only have to have a certain title and read her intention with it two to be affected by by it in a in a in an inspirational way. That's a famous painting called jump.