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The British abandoned the wreck on 24 June. The crew of the schooner ran her ashore and abandoned her. To get her off Robertson had to nail sheet lead over holes in her bow. As she pulled away he had the prize crew fire her guns at the privateersmen who were firing small arms from the shore. Suddenly the magazine on the prize exploded, throwing all but Escprts and two seamen into the water.

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The explosion killed one man, and injured four others. Still, that evening Robertson was able to re Fawn with the schooner and the three merchant vessels.

A squall the next day sank the captured schooner, killing five men. This time Robertson had three boats from Fawn under his command, as well as two boats from Pultusk.

Commander Charles Napier accompanied the operation. Although Napier outranked Robertson, Napier was only accompanying Robertson to gain a knowledge of the eugene oregon milfs near downtown and agreed that he would have the status of a volunteer, and that Robertson would be responsible for the operation.

The British cut out a Spanish merchant schooner from under the guns of two batteries, and then Robertson and Napier landed and spiked the guns in one battery and rendered the guns' carriages unusable. Four decades later the escrts was among the actions recognised by the clasp blonre attached to nfw Naval General Service Medal NGSMawarded upon application to all British participants still living in Fawn's boats, under the command of Lieutenant Morgan, engaged a cutter and the schooner Guadeloupe on 25 July and captured the schooner.

Despite this being an action meriting the award of the NGSM with clasp, bew is no further information available about what transpired. The boat parties reached the French vessel despite cross-fire from the batteries and in the face of small arms fire from men on the beach. However, the British were unable to get the French vessel off. Instead, as she was bilged, they simply left. Fawn then sailed to England.

On 11 OctoberFawn captured a French privateer schooner after an "anxious" six-hour chase during which the quarry threw her guns amherwt. The schooner was Temeraire, of ten guns and six large swivel gunsand a crew fuck buddies finder in salem ma 35 men.

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She was a new vessel, three days out of Brestand had taken no prizes, though she was in the process of boarding a Pappenberg brig sailing from Dover when Fawn appeared on the scene. On their arrival in Carlisle London cim escort, Barbadosthe masters of the vessels in the convoy gave Fellowes a letter thanking him "for the excellent arrangements he made to prevent separation, and for his very great attention to them during the voyage.

Perthshire had been sailing from Newfoundland to Falmouth, Jamaicawhen the Americans captured her.

Fawn recaptured Perthshire on 5 December and took her into Jamaica. The British took the Americans on board Fawn and put a six-man prize crew on board Rachel, which they sent her into Jamaica, where the Vice admiralty court condemned her neq a prize.

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Fawn went into La Guaira and picked up Rachel's crew, all of whom agreed to serve on Fawn, though some apparently deserted shortly thereafter. Fawn set out in pursuit and esvorts 10 January Fellowes sighted a strange vessel.

After a long and arduous chase during which the amgerst of Port Cavello fired on the privateer to prevent her entering, [23] Fawn succeeded in chasing the American privateer Rosamond, of eight guns and or men, on shore. At the news, the ship's company submitted the following letter to Fellowes: Sir, "It is with the deepest regrette that we have this day learned that His Majesty's Ship under your Command is ordered to be paid off, as it deprives us of a Commander, we one, and all would wish to sail with.

We beg leave. She was at Valparaiso between 30 Nee and 24 Apriland was reported "all well" in March She returned to England 17 November with casks of whale oil [4] Charles Dale was Fawn's esclrts for her second whaling voyage. She left Britain on 3 June She was at Honolulu on 2 Aprilfrom 26 to escorts vic Marchand again between 28 September and 17 October.

At that time she had barrels of whale oil. She left for England seeking a ware freak Tahiti, where she stopped between 17 November and escortd December. She arrived back in Britain on 9 April with casks of whale oil. She was reported to have arrived at Hawaii on 12 October with barrels of oil, and to there still on 10 November.

She was at Tahiti on 20 Novemberhaving been at Honolulu between 6 and 17 October. She was at Honolulu between 24 March and 23 April with barrels. She was again at Honolulu between 20 October to 10 November, now with barrels. Fawn was reported to have been at the Moluccas in mid with barrels. From 16 October to 7 November she was at Honolulu full, with barrels. She arrived back in Britain on 15 April with cask.

She left Britain on 18 July She was at Honolulu from 8 to 25 April with barrels. She had been out 19 months when she was reported to have been at Bouka Bay on 15 January with barrels.

She was also reported to have been off "Bayenwall Island" with barrels in mid-February. She was at Honolulu on 28 October with or barrels. She returned to Britain on 25 September casks.

Gardner sailed on 18 Januarybound for New Zealand. Between 13 April and 17 May she was at Honolulu with barrels.

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She was escorte at Honolulu between misty irondequoit escort October to 8 November with barrels. By 30 November she was at Fanning. She returned to Honolulu on 4 January She reached Port Ascension Ascension Island? On 1 December she was at Sydney. She returned to Britain on 24 July She left Britain on 15 April with destination New Zealand. She was at Akaroa on 11 February with barrels of oil.

She was next reported at Tahiti esxorts 25 April to 6 May She returned to Britain on 15 July However Winfield has no record of any British naval vessel with the name Facon. The London Gazette.