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Na, we take a closer look into the shadowy workings of the world of espionage. Also this hour That we get big inaudible And following the mystery of Maria, we go inside the community where she grew up.

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Earlier today, Germany summoned the American ambassador to Berlin to explain recent allegations that U. Well, speaking to reporters ahead of an EU summit currently underway in Brussels, Merkel herself says the scandal could undermine trust between the two sides. There needs to be trust between the U. And that eavesdropping amongst friends is never acceptable, no matter new braunfels bay escort what situation.

As I said it back in June in Berlin and again reiterated yesterday in a phone call with the president. Well, that was put to White House spokesperson Jay Carney a short while ago. And as a matter of policy, we have made clear that the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations. And I mentioned yesterday, the president spoke with Chancellor Merkel, reassured her that the United States is not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications.

And we have also said, broadly, that at the president's direction we are reviewing the way that we gather intelligence to ensure that we properly balance the security concerns of our citizens and allies with the privacy concerns that all people share. Jim Sciutto reports. The French newspaper "La Monde" reporting that in the 30 days from December 10th, to January 8,the NSA allegedly intercepted over 70 million phone calls in France, an average of nearly 3 million intercepts per day.

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The director of national intelligence said in a statement monaco escort report was false," though it did not specify how. By then, the French trvaeler minister had already blasted the American policy of widespread surveillance. I mean, what you have here is a situation where either someone sees the hand in the cookie jar or has strong evidence the hand has been in the cookie jar.

Every time this happens there's going to be awkward conversations. One, trafeler all countries spy on each other. And two, that they are conducting a review of this surveillance to get a better balance between security concerns and privacy concerns. But the administration has yet to say what that review has found or what changes it may bring. Germany's best-selling daily Bild says the new scandal raises serious suspicions against U. Der Spiegel warns a scandal could not only hurt loking ties, but also Merkel and Obama's personal relationship.

And blak outrage goes ladies seeking nsa lexington kentucky 40510 German boarders. Spain's El Pais says that seeking arrangement bio U. So, if the recent allegations are true, the question many will be asking themselves is how did the NSA manage to tap into that mobile phone of such a high profile target?

To help us decipher this enigma, I'm ed by security technologist and author Bruce Schneier from Minneapolis. Sir, and as we speak, one British newspaper is reporting, we can't confirm this yet, but we'll do our own legwork on it. One British newspaper reporting the Naa. Just explain to me how, or why, Escort danforth Merkel would be carrying a phone allegedly, which could be tapped?

I mean, security for communications depends on both ends.

List of whistleblowers -

And if she wants to talk to her aunt or her friends or, you know, maybe some colleagues they're not going to have special secret phones, they're going to have normal phones. So if wants to talk to them, she has to talk on her normal phone. I mean, it's the other person who becomes the problem. So in order for her to encrypt her sex personals az cave creek 85331 communications, let's say, to you.

You have to have that same encryption program. And you're likely not. The NSA is taping inside the network. And these calls are not encrypted. And you said 30 world leaders. I'll be surprised if it's that low. So there is no magic phone, as far as you are concerned? There are things you can do. There are security products that work on phones, that work on computers for audio, for video, for text.

If both sides have them you can communicate more securely. And there are people who do that. And presumably she will do that with her cabinet, with lookinng closest colleagues, who also have this security software, but it's not going to work in general.

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And the things a network can do. The phone companies have decided not to encrypt in the backbone, the Internet, jsa phone calls. There are things we in the tech community can do to make this harder. For individuals, it's simply a matter of using some of this security software.

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It won't work in general, but if you're a company you can mandate all your employees use it to talk to each other. I mean, that's perfectly reasonable. But again, the other person at the other loooking of that call has to be using the same technology, right? It's the same thing.

I mean, you know, in the Korean War the U. It only worked if both sides spoke Navajo. Silent Circle is a security program for voice, video and lookihg.

Nsa has been harvesting data of millions of airline travellers from firms that provide wifi to aeroplanes | daily mail online

There are others. But, yes, both sides have to have it for it to work. That's not very useful advice. So there's no way to be totally safe.

You can be more safe by doing the security practices. Some of these are some, some of them are annoying, but there are measures people can take to be safer. The problem is the NSA is scarfing up everything.

Blqck they're getting these world leaders in the mix, right. If individuals take security practices, the NSA would have to target them specifically, which is much harder, much more expensive and much less likely. Bruce, thank you. All right, still to come tonight, abduction at sea: two men have been taken from a U. I'm going to get you to Lagos for the very latest on that.

Then the Australian bush fires has claimed another victim. Is the worst over? Well, we will be finding out about the blazes burning Down Under. And the plague on the pitch, another player cries foul over racism in football. All that and much more when this show, connect escorts costa rica world, continues. Stay with us.

And you are watching Connect the World. I'm Becky Anderson. Welcome back. Now a South African court has taken up a case that has shocked and sickened the nation. Five suspects appeared before a judge in Pretoria today in connection with what is an unspeakable crime against the most innocent of victims. Arwa Damon spoke with the mother of one of two little girls whose lives were maale cut short.

Thokozani asked that we tonihgt film her face. Her family doesn't want oriental mistress eastleigh attract even more unwelcome attention. Yonalisa phher first and only. She liked to sing? The girls, they were playing right here. She says she was checking on them every single five minutes when all of a sudden she realized they'd gone silent. - transcripts

They disappeared. The community rallied. The police were alerted, all helping in the search. It's every parent's worst nightmare. And especially here where the struggle to protect the innocent is even greater. The sprawling densely populated township of Deepfoot ph on the outskirts of Johannesburg is one of the most violent places in the country. A few days after the girls went missing, their tiny lifeless bodies were found in one of the public toilets.

The girls had been raped and murdered. Thokozani can't bring herself to speak about it. Live nude webchat have we done?